How to Exchange with VentaBitcoins

If you are not our client yet

  • Go to the registration page . Fill out the form and follow the instructions. Verify your email and your mobile phone. An operator will contact you to verify your identity. This process can last up to 2 business days but it is usually done in a couple of hours.

If you are already a registered customer

  • Login to your account. Select what you want to send us and what you want to recive. Follow directions. Is easy and secure.

Discounts for purchase volume¡

  • The more you buy with us, the less margin you pay. This is VentaBitcoins. We reward our regular customers with whom we create a strong relationship of trust. This is why all our customers can see in their client portal the total amount spent on purchases with us and according to this amount, discounts are applied to the purchase margins of crypto coins.

How is the exchange process?

  • Select your options on the exchange page.
  • Follow the directions during the process and confirm the purchase.
  • An operator will review the order and send you an email with your invoice to the email address you have registered with us. Follow the instructions of this email to make the payment in your client portal. Once the payment is made, and you will receive your coins in your wallet, your money in your bank account, paypal account or whatever you have selected. So easy and safe is to buy and sell Crypto Coins in VentaBitcoins.